Presto 07047 Touch Electric Griddle Review

The Presto griddle 07047 model is a well-liked, compact electric griddle. It's highly rated by a vast majority of users, based on hundreds of online reviews from multiple trustworthy sources. We've extracted the most important points and potential problems to help you decide if this Presto is the right electric griddle for you.

It's an attractive, low profile unit that's under 3 inches high, making it easy to store away in a kitchen cabinet when not in use. It's a size that will feed a small family but won't extend to many large pancakes or super-size portions. For a couple or small household it would be an ideal size for cooking breakfasts and quick and easy grills, or to avoid cleaning pans.

Presto 07047 Griddle Top Features

  • It gets up to temperature quickly, with a strong output of 1300 watts from 120 volt mains power.
  • A large, flat 16 inch by 10.5 inch aluminum grilling surface is finished with a premium non-stick coating. A light texture helps prevent food from sticking while keeping cleaning time and effort to a minimum. Buyers found it could cook quite effectively without any added cooking oil, or just a minimum amount of butter. That's good news in the long run for your health.
  • ​There's a cool-touch plastic surround to protect the chef from hot surfaces, and catch a few splashes of fat and liquids. Front center is a drip tray that slides out for easy cleaning.
  • Temperature is set by a rotary heat control to one side of the hotplate. It ranges from 200 to 400 degrees, has a warm setting for keeping side orders like burger buns warm, and can also cut power altogether.
  • For easy cleaning the temperature control and probe detaches completely, allowing the rest of the griddle to be cleaned thoroughly. It is dishwasher safe and can be immersed in soapy water.

What Buyers Liked

  • Buyers liked the short warm-up time and the smooth, non-stick quality of the cooking surface. One user reports this lasts well for two years of almost daily use before the surface begins to fade and stick. It's recommended to avoid metal utensils.
  • The drip tray on this Presto griddle seems to be a good capacity with few reports of overflowing, and is easy to slide out to the front, empty and clean the tray.
  • It provides a level and stable surface with a smooth finish, making it ideal for cooking and grilling more food of a more liquid nature. Eggs and pancakes stay in place, and hash browns and bacon stay in the cooking fat. The downside is grease and waste fat needs scraping towards the drain hole - it doesn't run down a slope as on some designs of grill.

What Buyers Didn't Like

  • There isn't much of a ridge or protection to prevent grease or eggs from running over the sides of the cooking surface. It lacks the side handles for easy carrying found on some other models of electric griddle.
  • Several owners experienced uneven, hot and cold spots on their Presto griddles, and felt they had to return the product.
  • Others found the feet and base of the unit were too fragile, and don't grip a slick counter top. There are a few reports of breakages during washing, and accidentally dropping it usually spells disaster.


This Prestro cool touch electric griddle represents good quality for a relatively low asking price. Many more of the hundreds of buyers are happy with their purchase than the few who've experienced problems. Accurate temperature control and even heating and browning seem to be a recurring feature among many users.

Some users found the surface not quite big enough to feed a family or for their pancake making needs, so make sure 10 and a half inches is enough space for what you'll be wanting to grill on it. Users seem to agree that it will grill six slices of bread at a time.

The Presto 07047 seems to be a durable and well made product, with the possible exception of the base and feet, which are too hard and brittle for a few buyers. They don't grip surfaces well and can crack or break on impact.

It uses a substantial cast aluminum base and cooking surface. Although this isn't quite as advanced as some of the ceramic hotplates, it's a durable, easy-to-clean and scratch-resistant surface that's easy to cook food on without sticking.

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