Presto 07030 Cool Touch Electric Griddle Review

The Presto 07030 griddle is a low-profile, sleek design with a compact 23 x 12 inch footprint. For buyers seeking a space-saving electric grill it's a good option as there are no large carry handles either side of the unit, so it takes up relatively little cabinet space.


It's a popular choice and a good seller thanks to its combination of good value and large area. Hundreds of reviews and ratings are available online from multiple sources, and we've examined the best of them to summarize the most important considerations for buying and living with a Presto 07030 griddle.

Product Description

  • The 20 x 10.5 inch non-stick aluminum cooking surface is surrounded by curved, cool-touch plastic shoulders.
  • Power comes from a 120V AC cord and is delivered through the temperature probe and heat controller which clips in place on the right hand side of the Presto 07030.
  • The temperature controller is a knob incorporating an on/off switch. It has a "Warm" setting for low-temperature heating of items such as burger buns, and for buffet serving of hot, cooked foods. Then there's a thermostat-controlled scale from 200 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, which several buyers have tested with their own measuring devices and found to have good accuracy for an electric griddles in this price range.
  • A red LED illuminates while the griddle is coming up to temperature.
  • The cast aluminum cooking surface features a backstop ledge across the full width of the griddle, to retain liquids and prevent splashing. At the front in the center is a drain hole to remove waste grease and liquids to the drip tray below. There's an indentation towards the center of the cooking plate, to direct liquids into the hole, although in practice they need some encouragement with a silicone or nylon spatula (not a metal one).
  • The drip tray slides out to the front and is completely removable for easy rinsing and cleaning. When the temperature control and probe are detached, the whole griddle is dishwasher safe and immersible in soapy water, ideal for hassle-free cleaning and soaking of any burnt-on residues.

What Buyers Liked

  • Good performance with pancakes and eggs that require a level nonstick surface. Even heating across the hot plate and no signs of warping.
  • The drip tray is a good size that holds plenty of waste fat and grease, although you have to scrape most of it there yourself. It's a good choice for cooking bacon in large amounts, or steaks and burgers if you don't require the chargrilled stripe effect.

What Buyers Didn't Like

  • The non-stick surface has a short life before it begins to lose its effectiveness and food, especially when dry grilled, begins to stick. With careful cleaning, owners have got a year or two out of their Presto griddle before wear becomes an issue.
  • A small number of buyers experience patchy heat distribution, with hotter areas near the heat control and at the far end, cooler patches in the center. One or two heating elements failed and needed replacement units. This product is guaranteed for one year.


The Presto 07030 Cool Touch griddle has a decent amount room to grill pancakes, eggs, bacon, meat and veg on, and does a rapid and even job. Ten inches isn't the deepest grill plate available even at this price point, so be sure that's enough space to make enough hot food for your family.


This griddle isn't a tilting George Foreman-style fat-reducing appliance: grease doesn't automatically drain down a slope. There is a slight dip towards the center where the drain hole is located, so fats and grease can collect in the middle of the grill. This is good for cooking pancakes, bacon and eggs, but one or two buyers expressed frustration with this design.

The smooth non-stick surface should make for healthier cooking by saving on cooking oils and butter. It performs well for pancakes, offering a level and even heated surface to produce satisfying golden brown results for a vast majority of buyers.

A couple of design details may affect buying decisions for families with kids of teenagers, as it's not the strongest electric griddle available. There are no rubber grippers on the feet, so it is at risk of sliding on a slick counter top. Another design issue with the feet is they are brittle and have cracked or broken for one or two users while cleaning their grills. They would not stand up to accidental damage.

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