Easy Tricks To Hotdogs on Electric Griddles, Skillets, and Frying Pans

The classic hotdog is a great American tradition. Many of us love nothing better than tucking into a hotdog at a big game or event. However, many of us want to know how to prepare and cook this delicious meal at home. Also, it can be hard to know what method of cooking is best for a hot dog. Cooking hotdogs on a flat top is a simple process, and there are several other great ways to cook up this tasty treat. Read on to find out more!


How Long Do You Cook a Hotdog on the Grill?

As with any meat product, it's important to heat it thoroughly to ensure that it is safe to eat. Luckily, a traditional hotdog sausage can be cooked on the grill in no time. However, bear in mind that the overall temperature of the grill and the size of your hot dog will affect the overall cooking time. However, the following method can be used as a rule of thumb.


You will be turning your hotdog a quarter-turn each time. Cook the first quarter for 2 minutes, then allow an extra minute for the remaining 3 quarters. This will take an overall cooking time of 5 minutes.

How to Cook a Hot Dog Without a Grill?

In order to achieve the perfect hot dog, you will want to make sure it is not overcooked while still achieving the delicious char-marks that make it so yummy. With this in mind, the optimum method really is using a grill. However, many of use don't have the outdoor space to have a grill or are not allowed on under the rules of their housing association.


In that case, there are several ways that you can cook a hotdog without a grill. Here are our favourites.

Can You Cook Hotdogs on the Stove?

The answer is: yes! If you have a standard stove top in your kitchen, then there are a few ways you could go about cooking your hot dog. One of the simplest methods is to boil them.


How to Cook Hotdogs on Stove Top

In order to boil a hotdog sausage, you will first need a big pot of boiling water and put it over a medium heat. You can cook as many sausages at a time using this method, as long as you can fit them in the pan. Boiling for around 5 minutes will result in a nice, plump sausage ready for your hotdog bun. However, please consult the cooking instructions on the packet before deciding on a cooking time. A larger or smaller type of hotdog may need a slightly different cooking time.

However, many people don't find that this method produces the most delicious hotdog. That's because, although you will end up with a lovely plump sausage, you simply cannot achieve any char with this method. Therefore, you may want to try another method of cooking your hotdog.

Can You Cook Hotdogs in a Frying Pan?

If you want to achieve a crispier, more charred hotdog, this may be the method for you. It's really easy to cook a delicious hotdog in a frying pan. Even better, it's almost as simple as boiling them. Here are our steps for how to fry a hotdog:

  • 1. Heat either a big knob of butter in your frying pan, or a splash of oil. You will need a medium heat to char your hotdog without burning it.
  • 2. Cut a few slashes (not too deep) across the lengths of your hotdogs. This will prevent them from bursting in the heat of the frying pan.
  • 3. Fry the hotdogs until they are nice and brown. They are now ready to eat!

If you prefer, you can cut your hotdogs into smaller pieces to be placed back in the bun at the end. While this may sound crazy, it provides a higher surface area while frying, allowing for a crispier sausage.

How Long Do You Cook Hotdogs in a Frying Pan?

Just like on a grill, your hotdog should be piping hot and ready to eat in around 5 minutes. This can vary depending on the size of the hotdog. Remember to turn every minute or so to ensure that the hotdog is evenly cooked.

Cooking Hotdogs in a Cast Iron Skillet

A cast-iron skillet is a great way to cook a hotdog on a stove top, as you will get those instantly-recognisable char-lines that we all know and love. Simply cook them in the same way that we described for a regular frying pan. You could even butterfly the hotdog sausages to achieve a crispier result.

Hot Dog Skillet Recipes / Pan Fried Hotdog Recipes

If you just love a hotdog sausage, you may be wondering if there are other ways to use skillet or pan-fried hotdogs in other recipes. After all, kids love hotdog sausages, and they can be a very affordable addition to your regular meal rotation. Here are our top ways of using hotdogs beyond the bap:

  • 1. Special fried rice: If you love chicken or pork fried rice, why not try hotdog fried rice instead? Simply swap cut up slices of fried hotdog for your regular protein for a twist on this popular take-out classic. While it may sound unusual, the salty flavour of the hotdogs goes really well with Chinese food.
  • 2. Hot-dog Mac'n'Cheese: Many of us have long loved the combination of cheese and sausage that you get with an American-style Cheese-dog. So it makes perfect sense that this pairing would work well in other dishes too. The addition of hotdog chunks to your regular macaroni and cheese dinner adds protein and a bit of variety to your weeknight regular.
  • 3. Hotdog salad: If you're trying to be healthy but don't want to quit the hotdog habit, this could be a great option for you. You can simply replace the chicken, prawns or whatever protein you usually use in your salads with bite-sized pieces of fried hotdog. We think this works really well with crunchy green salad and fresh, silky avocado.

Can You Cook a Hot Dog on a Griddle?

If you're lucky enough to have a flat top griddle in your kitchen, then that's great! Cooking hotdogs on a flat to griddle is a great method. You can cook them in much the same way as cooking on a griddle or frying pan. However, if you're cooking commercially, never be tempted to cook them too quickly to keep up with a fast business pace. Hotdogs must be piping hot to be safe to eat. Also, check the packet to ensure your hotdogs are right for cooking on a flat top. Most hotdogs will be fine, but some work better than others.


Griddle Temperature For Hot Dogs

Anywhere between 320 degrees and 400 degrees fahrenheit will not only cook your hotdogs to a safe temperature, but will also allow them to brown and crisp up nicely. This makes the hotdogs extra delicious.

Cooking Hotdogs on an Electric Griddle

Many of us have electric griddles or electric skillets in our kitchens. So, you may be wondering, can I cook my hotdog on one of those? The answer is: of course you can! Truth be told, any pan or griddle that can become sufficiently hot can be used to cook a hotdog. If it has ridges to mimic those of an outdoor grill, all the better! However, timings may be a little different on one of these electric models. Therefore, we recommend that you check out the manufacturer's manual and the hotdog packet to help you come to a decision.

How Do You Know When a Hot Dog is Done?

This depends on how you are cooking your hotdog. If you are boiling them, then you will know they are cooked when they have visibly plumped up. If you notice very small splits in the skin, this is a sure sign that your hotdog is done. However, don't continue to boil after this point or you risk them splitting opening completely.


If you are cooking on a griddle, frying pan or skillet, you should also keep an eye on your hotdogs to see when they become nice and plump. Additionally, you should see some browning and crisping of the outer skin for a delicious flavour and texture. Don't overcook your hotdogs. You'll know they're overdone if they no longer look nice and plump.

What Temperature Does a Hot Dog Need To Be Cooked To?

You will need to cook your hotdog until it is steaming and piping hot throughout. Therefore, a medium to high temperature is best. If you aren't planning on eating your hotdogs right away, keep them at an absolute minimum of 140 degrees fahrenheit to ensure that any harmful microbes don't have the opportunity to flourish. This can cause food poisoning, which is the last thing you want after tucking into your hotdog.

Another word to the wise: never, ever reheat cooked meat like a hotdog after the first cooking. This is a surefire recipe for an upset stomach or full-blown food poisoning.

Do All Hotdogs Come Precooked?

Here in the US, hotdogs come precooked in the packet. So when you're cooking a hotdog, what you're actually doing is reheating them. Some people like to eat hotdogs straight from the packet, but we certainly don't recommend this, especially if you're pregnant or have any compromise to your immune system.


However, if you visit some European countries such as the UK, they often make their hotdogs with fresh sausages.

Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs Skillet

A really popular take on the hotdog is a bacon-wrapped version. If you want to make one at home, the key is to wrap the bacon around the hotdog before you start cooking. This will prove completely impossible if you cook the bacon first. Then, secure it in place with a few toothpicks along the length of the hotdog to prevent it from uncurling as you cook. You can then cook it un a skillet in the usual way. Don't forget to remove the toothpicks before you enjoy them! Many people enjoy eating these hotdogs in a bun with cheese and chopped jalapeños.

How Many Calories Are in a Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog?

This really depends on the size and type of the hotdog, and how you cook it. If you add lots of oil to the pan, expect it to contain more calories. However, you can shave off some calories by using lean bacon. As a rule, a regular-sized bacon-wrapped hotdog will contain approximately 290 calories. However, don't forget to take into account the calories in the bun, and any extra toppings such as cheese or sauce.

Mexican Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog Recipe

If you want to add a Mexican twist to your bacon-wrapped hotdogs, you can consider adding some or all of the following toppings to add some extra spice and zing:

  • Finely sliced spicy jalapenos
  • Diced red onion
  • Some sprigs of fresh cilantro
  • A yummy dollop of refried beans
  • Hot and fiery Tabasco sauce

Healthiest Way to Cook a Hotdog

If you want to cook a hotdog in the healthiest way possible, you'll want to keep the overall fat content as low as possible. Boiling is a good option, as no extra oil is needed to cook the hotdogs. Alternatively, you could prick holes in the hotdogs and then grill or griddle them. This will allow any excess fat to drain out of the sausage as it cooks.

The Final Word

Whether you're cooking hotdogs on a flat top, outside on a grill, or using any other method we've described above, it's quick and easy to prepare them in a way that tastes great. If you want to add a delicious twist to your hotdog recipe, then preparing a bacon wrapped or Mexican hotdog are both fantastic options. However, in a bun is not the only way to enjoy a yummy hotdog sausage, as they are very versatile and can be added to a range of meals and recipes. Hopefully, you now know how to cook a hotdog with whatever kitchen equipment you have to hand!

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