Finding the Best Outdoor Griddle in 2019 (Portable, Gas, Cast Iron and Electric)

If you like outdoor cooking, but you have never tried using a griddle, it’s definitely time to give it a go. Cooking on a griddle is fun and easy to do, and you can cook almost anything. Using a griddle will give your food a unique flavor that you can’t achieve with any other cooking method. If you are looking for the best outdoor griddle, look no further. In this guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know in order to choose the best griddle for your needs, and we’ll also show you some of the best units on the market.

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What is the best outdoor griddle for sale?

A good griddle can easily last many years with proper maintenance. However, if you are not careful, you can end up with an overpriced griddle made of low-quality materials. To help you avoid making a bad purchase, we’ve compiled a list of the best griddles for outdoor use.

Best Outdoor Gas Griddle: Blackstone 36 inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle Station


This Blackstone unit is really not just a griddle. It’s a powerful cooking system complete with everything you need for an amazing cookout. With 720 square inches of cooking space, no party is too big for the Blackstone 36-inch Outdoor Griddle.

The griddle is mounted on a stand with two useful side shelves and more storage space under the cooking surface. There is also a propane tank holder on the side. Four 15,000 BTU burners provide even heat across the cooking surface. Best of all, you can control each burner independently to create multiple cooking zones. This griddle station is quite heavy, but four sturdy caster wheels make moving the griddle around a breeze. Check latest price on Amazon here >>


  • Adjusting the temperature of each burner independently allows you to create multiple cooking zones
  • Foldable legs for easy transport
  • Heavy and durable


  • The electric igniter is not as durable as the rest of the griddle
  • The grease management system could be more efficient

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Camp Chef SG60 Professional True Seasoned Steel Griddle


This Camp Chef griddle covers two burners. It was made for Camp Chef propane stoves, but it can be used with any other stove with similar dimensions. In fact, this griddle is compatible with most 14-inch cooking systems. It is 14 inches deep and 32 inches wide which means you get 448 square inches of cooking space.

The thick steel used to make this griddle distributes heat evenly, and the heat deflector plates on the underside ensure that the griddle never gets too hot. Hotspots will never be a problem with this griddle. The heavy construction is what makes this griddle awesome, but it also makes it heavy. Luckily, there is a handle on one side to help you carry the griddle. Check latest prices here >>


  • Transforms any 14-inch cooking system into a griddle
  • High-quality steel distributes heat evenly
  • Restaurant-style high sides


  • You’ll need a grease trap which is not included
  • Rust might appear if you leave the griddle wet

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Best Portable Gas Griddle: Blackstone Table Top Grill - 17 Inch Portable Gas Griddle


This portable gas griddle is a big favorite among people who like to go camping frequently. The whole unit is 17.5 inches deep, 18 inches wide and 8.5 inches high which makes it one of the most compact outdoor gas griddles available. However, you still get enough cooking space to prepare a meal for a group of people. You can cook 12 pancakes or 9 large burgers at the same time, for example.

This griddle uses 1-pound propane bottles, and one bottle should be enough for two or three cooking sessions. If this is not enough, you can also use an adapter to connect the griddle to a larger propane tank. A 12,000 BTU “H” burner heats up the cooking surface nicely and evenly. Last but not least, the Blackstone Portable Gas Griddle comes with a built-in grease catcher. Click here to check latest price >>


  • Compact and portable
  • Easy set-up and cleaning
  • Good value for money


  • The griddle may warp if you use it on high heat
  • Some users have complained about the griddle not being hot enough

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Bull Outdoor 24105 Stainless Pro Grill Griddle


This versatile stainless steel griddle offers a 17.4 inches wide and 11 inches deep cooking area. You can use it to transform any propane or charcoal grill into a spacious griddle.

What’s really amazing about the Bull Outdoor Stainless Pro Grill Griddle is how functional and easy to use it is. There is a built-in grease catcher on the front edge and handles on the sides that allow you to move the griddle easily. The restaurant-style high sides are also a nice addition. They will allow you to move the food around without worrying about anything falling off the griddle. Finally, the heavy-gauge stainless steel will not warp with use. However, we still don’t recommend using extremely high temperatures since this can cause damage to the griddle. Click here to check latest price >>


  • This versatile griddle fits any propane or gas grill
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Extremely durable


  • Cooking on high heat might damage the griddle even though it’s stainless steel

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Best Cast Iron Outdoor Griddle: Camp Chef CGG16B Reversible Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Grill/Griddle


This reversible griddle allows really brings outdoor cooking to a new level. The griddle side is flat and perfect for breakfast foods like pancakes and hash browns. If you turn the griddle upside down, you will discover a grilling surface with ridges to create beautiful sear marks on your meats.

This griddle was designed for Camp Chef 14-inch and 16-inch cooking systems, but it will fit almost any 14-inch or 16-inch camp stove. The Camp Chef Reversible Griddle covers one burner, so you can use the other burners for different purposes. The cast iron retains heat extremely well, but it’s also quite heavy. Finally, this outdoor griddle comes pre-seasoned so you can use it for cooking right away.


  • Made of heavy cast iron
  • Amazing heat retention
  • Reversible


  • No handles
  • The griddle might crack if used at very high temperatures

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Best Outdoor Griddle Grill: Camp Chef Flat Top Grill


The Camp Chef Flat Top Grill is essentially a large propane grill with a griddle on top. The griddle offers 604 square inches of cooking space. The griddle top is removable, and a 501 square inch grilling area is located underneath.

This griddle comes with four independent 12,000 BTU burners. The burners distribute the heat evenly, but you can also adjust the temperature of each burner to create different zones for cooking multiple foods at the same time. Furthermore, the unit comes with foldable side shelves and a holder for a propane tank. In conclusion, The Camp Chef Flat Top Grill is a large outdoor gas griddle, ideal for parties and gatherings. Check latest prices here >>


  • This flat top grill can be used both as a griddle and as a grill
  • Four independent stainless steel burners


  • Quite heavy
  • The grease management system could be more effective

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Little Griddle GQ230 Professional Series Griddle


This beautifully designed griddle is really one of the best you can find. Made of high-quality stainless steel, it will turn any grill or camp stove into a professional cooking station. The griddle features a deep grease well on the front, removable handles on the sides, and high side walls. However, the cross-bracing on the underside is what makes this unit unique.

The Little Griddle is GQ230 23.5 inches wide and 16 inches deep. Measure your grill or camping stove to make sure the griddle will fit before purchase. There should be about half an inch of space left on each side of the grill to allow for proper air flow.


  • Cross-bracing underneath the cooking surface provides a stable base and prevents warping
  • Compatible with any gas stove
  • Handles for easy lifting


  • Expensive
  • If you want to use this griddle on a high-output gas grill, you’ll need a heat deflector

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Best Outdoor Electric Griddle: Presto Big Indoor Outdoor Griddle Cool Touch


With this versatile electric griddle, you can have breakfast for the whole family ready in no time. It is just the right size (23 x 17.2 inches). It’s not too big, so it’s not hard to find storage space for it, but it still offers ample cooking space. You can cook pancakes and eggs at the same time, for example, so everyone can have breakfast together. Furthermore, the slim and elegant design makes this griddle perfect for buffet-style settings.

This Presto griddle features a non-stick cooking surface made of heavy cast aluminum. The built-in drip tray easily slides out, so you won’t need to waste a lot of time on clean-up. The heat control is removable, and when you remove it, you can immerse the whole griddle in water to wash it. Finally, you can tilt the cooking surface using the cool-touch handles on the sides. Use a level surface for pancakes or tilt it when cooking meats to allow for the grease to drain.


  • Precise temperature control
  • Easy to set up
  • Built-in grease tray


  • The griddle needs about 10 minutes to heat up evenly

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The Complete Guide to Outdoor Griddles

Outdoor Griddle Features to Consider

The first thing you need to decide when buying an outdoor griddle is how big you want your griddle to be. The bigger the griddle, the more people you’ll be able to feed. However, bigger griddles are also heavier, so it’s much harder to move them around. You should also think about how much storage space you have for your new griddle.

Once you have figured out which size you want, it’s time to decide whether you want your griddle to run on gas or electricity. Gas griddles are the most common for outdoor use. They heat up quickly, and you can use them anywhere you want with a propane tank. However, if you have a power outlet at your disposal, an electric griddle can be incredibly convenient. Electric griddles are compact, portable, and super easy to set up.

If you decide you want a gas griddle, you really have a lot to choose from. You can choose between units made of steel, cast iron, or aluminum. Depending on the size, you can find outdoor gas griddles with one, two, or as many as four burners.

Another very important feature on outdoor griddles is the grease management system. Almost every outdoor griddle will come with some kind of system for grease drainage, but some of them work better than others. Finding a griddle with a grease management system that works well can save you a lot of trouble and make clean-up much easier.

Additionally, if you already own a gas grill or a camping stove, you can purchase a griddle top to use with it. You can find griddles that will cover one or two of the burners on your cooking system.

Outdoor Griddle vs Grill

Which is better - an outdoor griddle or a grill? There is no simple answer to this question. You can prepare a wide variety of foods both on a griddle and on a grill, but we are talking about two completely different cooking styles. Using a grill will impart a distinct smokey flavor to your meat which is impossible to do with a griddle. However, cooking on a griddle also has many advantages.

Unlike grills, griddles provide even heat across the cooking surface, so the food will always be evenly cooked. You can also cook many dishes that are impossible to make with a grill. We are talking about pancakes, french toast, eggs as well as various vegetable dishes.

Furthermore, you can use your griddle to prepare various traditional dishes. Cooking devices similar to griddles have existed for hundreds of years in many cultures. You can cook Mexican food like burritos and quesadillas, Asian-style stir-fry or even Teppanyaki dishes.


What to Look for in an Outdoor Griddle

Buying an outdoor griddle might seem pretty straightforward, but this doesn’t mean you should choose just any griddle. First of all, a good griddle should definitely be durable. If you want a griddle that will last for ages, choose one made of heavy-gauge steel or cast iron.

Both of these metals will distribute heat evenly which maximizes the surface you can cook on. A griddle also needs to retain heat well. Heavy cast iron griddles are unmatched when it comes to heat retention, but steel is also not a bad choice.

How to Cook on an Outdoor Griddle

Outdoor griddles usually offer ample cooking space. Cooking on such a large surface can seem intimidating if you haven’t done it before. However, outdoor griddles are actually pretty easy to use. Don’t worry if you burn your first batch of pancakes, you’ll get the hang of it quickly.


Before you start cooking on your griddle, make sure you have all the tools you need. For large griddles, we recommend using two spatulas. If you are using the whole cooking surface, you’ll definitely need both hands. Having a squeezable bottle of cooking oil nearby is also a good idea since you will need to add oil frequently.

Once you have everything ready, it’s time to preheat your griddle. Preheating the griddle important if you want to achieve an even temperature across the cooking surface. Furthermore, extremely high heat can damage a griddle, but preheating can prevent this from happening. Just start your griddle on low heat and wait for 5 to 10 minutes before you gradually increase the temperature to the desired level.

When you think about cooking on a griddle, breakfast is probably the first thing that comes to mind. Outdoor griddles are really perfect for cooking pancakes or french toast with eggs and bacon. However, it’s not just about breakfast. You can cook almost anything on a griddle, from veggies and fish fillets to burgers and steaks. You can even make some tasty desserts.

The best thing about outdoor griddles is probably the fact that you can cook different foods at the same time.

How to Clean an Outdoor Griddle

One of the best things about griddles is that you can clean them in place. You can wash the griddle with mild dishwashing soap before the first use. However, you shouldn’t use any soaps or detergents to wash your griddle on a regular basis since it will destroy the seasoning.


Actually, a scraper and a cloth or a paper towel is all you need to keep your griddle clean. To keep your griddle in shape, scrape off any residue using a spatula or a scraper after each use. If the residue is too tough to scrape off, just pour water on the cooking surface and let it boil. This should soften any remaining residue and make it slide off easily. When you are done, wipe the surface gently with a paper towel. That’s it.

How to Season an Outdoor Griddle

The seasoning is what gives the food a distinct flavor when cooked on a griddle. It also acts as a protective layer preventing any food from sticking to the cooking surface. Therefore, it’s important to pre-season your griddle before the first use.


For the first seasoning, you’ll need to use some kind of oil. You can use almost any type of oil, but you won’t achieve the same results. Olive oil, vegetable oil, shortening, and lard are all viable options. It really comes down to personal preference, but there is one type of oil that works best for pre-seasoning - flaxseed oil.

To season your grill, apply a thin layer of the oil of your choice to the cooking surface using a paper towel. Make sure that the whole surface is covered evenly and that wipe of any excess oil. Once you finish applying the oil, you can heat up the griddle. Start with a low temperature and gradually increase the heat until you reach the smoking point of the oil. Keep the heat on for about half an hour and let the griddle cool down. You can repeat this a couple of times until you have an evenly browned cooking surface.

Your griddle is now ready for cooking. You’ll still need to season it after each use or at least once in a while. However, for regular maintenance, you can use any kind of cooking oil or even non-stick cooking spray.

How to Get Rust off an Outdoor Griddle

If you season your griddle on a regular basis and store it in a dry place, you’ll minimize the chances of your griddle getting rusty. However, rusting can’t always be prevented. Griddles made of steel or cast iron can start to rust if exposed to air and water but don’t worry, this is not a big problem. You can restore your griddle by following these simple steps.


First, use low grain sandpaper or fine steel wool to remove all of the rust. Gentle rubbing in a circular motion should do it, just be persistent. You can also heat the griddle before scrubbing off the rust. When you finish scrubbing, just wipe the griddle clean with a cloth or a paper towel. The griddle is now ready for use, but remember to season it before cooking.


If you have read our guide, it shouldn’t be hard to find the best outdoor griddle for your needs. We have reviewed different types of griddles suitable for outdoor use, and we hope you have found something you like. If you are looking for a large propane outdoor griddle, we recommend the Blackstone 36 inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle. However, if you want something more portable, the Blackstone Table Top Grill might just be a perfect choice.

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