13 Easy Tips For Cooking Eggs On a Griddle

Nowadays, most modern families own a griddle of one type or another. From stove-top to electric griddles, many of us know that they are a great way to cook meat easily and with delicious results. If you've been converted to this way of preparing food, you may be wondering whether cooking eggs on a griddle is possible at home. After all, many of us have eaten a delicious griddle-cooked egg at some point in our lives at a restaurant or diner. So, how can this be replicated in your own kitchen? What is the best way to prepare a griddled egg? Read on for our handy guide.


Can you cook an egg on a griddle?

You'll be pleased to know that cooking eggs on a griddle is not only perfectly possible, but also very easy. In fact, it is almost identical to cooking in a standard frying pan. Whether you prefer fried or scrambled eggs, cooking them on a griddle should produce delicious results.

Cooking eggs on an electric griddle

If you have an electric griddle, then the good news is that you can cook eggs on it with no problems at all. In fact, an electric griddle may even trump other types when it comes to cooking eggs. That's because an electric griddle can maintain an even and constant temperature throughout the cooking process. This allows for more even cooking of your eggs, whatever method you choose.


How do you cook eggs on a griddle?

The simplest way to prepare eggs on a griddle is sunny-side up. If you want to prepare eggs in this way, you will need a griddle with a lid or cover to ensure the whites are cooked through without any burning. If not, it's probably better to cook your eggs over easy. We'll explain how to do this later. Here's our quick guide to perfectly-cooked sunny-side up eggs on a griddle.

  • 1. Crack your eggs into a bowl. This allows you to fish out any stray bits of shell before you start cooking. If you crack the eggs directly onto a hot griddle surface, this will prove much trickier if any unwanted shell gets into the pan.
  • 2. Put a small amount of oil onto the griddle and heat to medium/low.
  • ​3. Pour your egg very carefully onto the heated griddle so you don't break the yolk. Add a small pink of salt and pepper to season the egg according to your taste.
  • ​4. Add a teaspoon of water (a little more if you're cooking more eggs). As soon as it begins to bubble, cover the eggs with a lid. The water will create steam to cook the top of the egg.
  • 5. After a minute or so, uncover the eggs and cook for another 30 seconds. Make sure the white of the egg is completely set.
  • 6. Using a spatula, carefully lift the eggs out of the pan. Take it slowly so you don't break the yolks.

How to cook eggs over easy on a griddle?

Some people prefer to have their eggs over easy. In fact, in many countries this is the most common way to eat griddled eggs. Also, if you don't have a lid or cover for your griddle, this may well be the easiest way to ensure the white on the top of the egg is cooked. However, cooking an egg over easy is often anything but easy. There's a knack to turning them over without breaking the yolk, and it may take a little practise.

Follow the method for cooking an egg sunny-side up, but don't cover the egg. Once it's been cooking in the oil and water for about a minute, slide one half of your spatula underneath. Here's where the real skill comes in. Whatever you do, don't lift the egg up and drop it upside-down into the pan. That's a guaranteed way to break the yolk. Instead, gently roll from the wrist to turn the egg over with minimum force. The key is to avoid lifting the egg to any height. True, you may have a couple of mishaps in the early stages. Keep at it though, and soon you'll be a dab hand at cooking your eggs over easy.


Once it's flipped, you will only need to allow another 15 seconds of cooking time to achieve a perfectly runny yolk. Once it's done, very carefully slide your spatula under the egg to transfer it from griddle to plate. Remember, the yolk will still be quite delicate.

How do I cook my eggs over medium or hard?

For some people, an egg over easy is perfectly heavenly. For others, it's perfectly horrible. If you don't like a completely runny yolk, you have too options. You can opt for over medium, where the yolk will be harder on the outside but still liquid in the middle. Alternatively, if you just can't abide any runny yolk at all, over hard will produce a yolk as firm as that of a hard-boiled egg.


The key to changing the firmness of the yolk is in the cooking time. For an over medium egg, cook for 30 seconds after turning instead of 15. If you want your egg over hard, allow a whole minute.

Griddle temperature for eggs: What temperature to cook an egg on a griddle?

To cook a perfect griddled egg, it's really important to cook it at the correct temperature. If you're used to cooking meat on your griddle, you will need to adjust the temperature down considerably. An egg will burn if you use the same heat setting that you use for cooking meat.


If you're using a stove-top griddle, a medium-low heat will do just fine. However, if you have an electric griddle, you may be able to set the temperature more precisely. A temperature between 300-325 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal for cooking an egg.

How to make scrambled eggs on a griddle?

So, you prefer your eggs scrambled? No problem! Luckily, scrambled eggs are pretty easy to cook on a griddle. There are a few ways to cook the perfect scrambled eggs, and many people have a signature family recipe. Below, you'll find our favourite method for cooking scrambled eggs on a griddle.

  • 1. Crack however many eggs you want to scramble into a bowl and remove any stray bits of shell.
  • 2. Add a little milk, and season with a pinch of salt and pepper. We think around a teaspoon of milk per egg produces the best results. Whisk the eggs thoroughly.
  • 3. Preheat your grill to medium-low. Spray or drizzle a small amount of oil. If you prefer, you can add a small knob of butter instead.
  • 4. Pour the eggs onto the griddle. Do this slowly, or they'll slosh all over the place. You want the eggs to be concentrated in a small area of the griddle. If any egg runs off to the side, scoop it into the middle or it will burn. Allow the eggs to set for 20 seconds or so.
  • 5. Next, stir the eggs as they cook, making sure to scrape them from the surface of the griddle as you go. This will prevent them from burning. Continue to stir until the mixture looks more dry and the eggs are more solid. They're now ready to eat as part of a cooked breakfast or on toast.

How do you make scrambled eggs creamy?

A creamy texture is the holy grail when it comes to cooking the perfect scrambled eggs. Often, when we dine out for breakfast, what we actually receive is, at best, pallid and, at worst, rubbery. However, there are a few tips and tricks that you can employ at home to achieve that perfect, creamy texture.

  • Substitute milk for cream: In the UK, many people swear by this tip for creating a creamy and silky texture.
  • Cook with butter: Switch your regular cooking oil for butter, and it may help you to achieve creamier scrambled eggs.
  • Cook on a low heat: A lower cooking heat can help you to achieve the creamy texture of your dreams. Furthermore, try swirling your eggs gently instead of stirring them. This will have a beneficial effect on the consistency of your eggs.

Do you have to add milk to scrambled eggs?

In a word: no. If you don't like to consume dairy, or are lactose intolerant, you can skip the milk. Just be sure to continuously stir the eggs to keep the texture as creamy as possible. Alternatively, you can substitute milk for cream or even melted butter for a more luxurious scrambled egg. However, try to stick to the general rule of thumb of a teaspoon of milk, cream or butter for every egg.

How many calories in a scrambled egg?

This is enormously variable. If you don't use any additional fat, it all depends on the size of your egg. Here are the approximate calories in differently-sized eggs:

  • Small: 54 calories
  • Medium: 63 calories
  • Large: 72 calories
  • Extra-large: 80 calories

Also, you will also need to factor in the calories of whatever fat or dairy you use in your scrambled eggs. If you use just a spritz of oil and either skim or semi-skim milk, the calories are pretty negligible. However, a teaspoon of butter contains around 34 calories, while a teaspoon of heavy cream contains roughly 17.

How to make an omelette on a flat top

A flat top griddle is a pretty cool addition to your kitchen, and is a great way to cook an omelette. On the other hand, a stove-top or electric griddle will also produce a great omelette. Some people prefer to add a little water or milk to their omelette mix, but we think it works just fine with eggs alone. This recipe is for a plain omelette, but you could always add onions, sliced mushrooms or any other chopped veggies. If you choose to do this, then fry them until soft and add the eggs on top. Here are our directions for the perfect omelette:

  • 1. Allow 2-3 eggs per omelette. One omelette serves one person. Crack them into a bowl and fish out any sneaky bits of shell.
  • 2. Season with salt and pepper and whisk until the eggs are evenly mixed.
  • 3. Pre-heat your griddle to low-medium and spray with a little oil.
  • 4. Slowly and gently, pour your beaten eggs onto the griddle. Use a spatula to coax them into a round omelette shape.
  • 5. Add a teaspoon of water and cover with a lid to steam your omelette. Cook until the eggs are nice and firm. Alternatively, you can flip your omelette once the base is set and cook the other side. This works well if you don't have a lid. Your omelette is ready to serve!

Tools for frying eggs on a griddle

Apart from a high-quality griddle, you'll also need a heat-proof spatula and possibly a lid or cover to cook perfect griddled eggs.


Egg griddle ring

An egg griddle ring can produce a really professional result if you want to create a dish with a bit of wow-factor. They contain the egg within a confined area, so it cooks in a regular shape. Most egg griddle rings are round, perfect for a sandwich, cooked breakfast or for slotting into an English muffin. However, you can also buy egg griddle rings in all sorts of cute and quirky shapes for a touch of novelty.


Best egg rings

There are a wide variety of egg rings available to purchase in stores and online. Which one you purchase depends on your budget and the overall effect you want to achieve. However, it's well worth making sure that the model you select is non-stick, or you could spoil the neat effect trying to pry the egg away from the ring. Silicone is also a good way to go, as these rings are non-stick and flexible, making removing the eggs a breeze.

Homemade egg ring

If you don't want to splash out on a specially-made egg ring, there are other options you can try to achieve a neat finish. Essentially, anything that it heat-proof and that can contain an egg in a circular shape makes a good substitute. The circular cover of a Mason jar lid will work a treat. You could even make an edible version from a ring of onion or even bell pepper. This can look very pretty.


Alternatively, you can buy small circular frying pans ideal for containing a single egg. These will produce a perfectly round friend egg.

The final word

Hopefully you now know everything you need to start cooking eggs on a griddle. This can add valuable protein to your meals and make your cooked breakfasts even more delicious. Also, you now know to cook a griddled egg in whatever way you prefer to eat them. Happy cooking!

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