Finding The Best Egg Rings: The Ring Mold For Eggs

If you have ever eaten a delicious griddled egg in a diner or restaurant, you may be wondering how they achieve such a perfectly circular egg. Chances are that they used a ring mold for eggs to make the egg so immaculately round. The good news is, you can recreate the effect at home using a fried egg shaper. So, what are the best egg rings and how do you use them? Read on for our handy guide.

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Best silicone egg ring: New Egg Ring from YumYum



Best non stick egg rings: Norpro Nonstick Round Pancake Egg Rings



Best quality egg rings: Slomg 8pcs Set Fried Egg Rings Mold



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Best silicone egg ring: New Egg Ring from YumYum

These great egg frying rings make perfectly round, mess-free eggs every time. They are non-stick and flexible, so you can ease the egg out of the mold with minimal fuss. Even better, these egg rings can be put in the dishwasher, making them even more convenient. Click here to check latest prices on Amazon >>


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Best non-stick egg rings: Norpro Nonstick

These great fried egg shapers are another fantastic non-stick option. They are the perfect size for cooking one individual egg. They have a non-stick surface, so it will be easy to release the eggs and clean the rings after use. The metal handle is a great feature as it is heatproof. Therefore, you can remove the egg rings from the pan without burning yourself. Check latest price or read more here >>


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Best quality egg rings: Slomg 8pcs Set Fried Egg Rings Mold

These egg cooking rings are perfect if you want to make a lot of eggs at once for a hungry family, as they come in packs of 8. The material they are made from is toxin and odour-free. Furthermore, they are completely non-stick, making it easy to free your fried eggs from the ring. The cute shapes are ideal for kids, as they will tempt even the fussiest eaters. Click here to check price and read more >>


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How to use egg rings

Egg rings can be made from a variety of materials, and you can even make your own out of materials you have handy around the home. So, how do you use egg cooking rings to create a perfectly circular griddled egg? The truth is that cooking using egg cooking rings is very easy, and you can use a variety of different rings for the purpose.

How to use a metal egg ring

The most common type of egg circle cooker is a metal ring. Follow these steps to see how to use a metal egg ring in your kitchen:

  • 1) Preheat a griddle pan or skillet to a low heat and grease with a little butter or a drizzle of cooking oil. Make sure it is big enough to accommodate the number of eggs you want to cook. You could try laying out the egg rings in the pan before heating to see if they fit.
  • 2) Place the egg rings into the heated pan and allow them to warm before you ad the eggs. Around 30 seconds should do the trick perfectly.
  • 3) Crack the eggs into the centre of the fried egg shapers (one per ring) and adjust the heat of the pan to medium.
  • 4) Remove the rings carefully when the whites are solid, and then remove the eggs from the pan carefully using a non-stick spatula. When you remove the rings, be sure not to burn yourself. If the ring has heatproof handles, use those. Otherwise, use an oven mitt to protect yourself.

Silicone egg ring how to use

A silicone egg ring can be the perfect fried egg utensil because silicone is less likely to stick to your eggs and will not become so hot when you use it. However, you should still protect your hands when removing the ring. The steps to cooking with a silicone ring are the same as with a metal ring. However, you will not need to preheat the rings first.


Silicone vs metal egg rings

Both silicone and metal egg rings can make a great fried egg shaper. However, there are a few advantages to using silicone rings. First of all, silicone is designed to be non-stick, so silicone egg rings are less likely to stick to your eggs. Also, they are flexible which allows you to ease the egg out of the ring with less difficulty. Finally, they will not get as screamingly hot in the pan as a metal ring. Although you should still protect your hands, you are less likely to burn yourself on a silicone egg ring.


How to flip egg ring

If you like your eggs over easy or over hard, you have two options. The easiest option is to spoon a little hot oil or butter over the yolks to cook them a little without flipping them. However, if you prefer to flip your eggs, we recommend removing the egg rings first before you turn the eggs. As long as you wait until the white is fully solid, the eggs should still remain perfectly circular when you flip them.


How to stop eggs sticking to egg rings

If you use a silicone egg ring, your eggs should not stick to it in any event. However, eggs can sometimes stick to metal egg rings. To stop this from happening, you can pre-grease the metal ring with a little oil or butter before use.


Mcdonalds egg rings

Many people love the circular griddled eggs that come with a McDonalds cooked breakfast muffin. You can easily achieve a similar result by using an egg ring at home.

How to make round eggs without egg ring

If you don't have an egg ring handy at home, or you don't want to splash out on new ones, don't worry! You can easily make a makeshift egg ring to make your own fried egg shaper at home. The following methods use items that you probably already have in your home.

Egg rings DIY: The homemade egg ring

Here are our two favourite methods for cooking perfectly round eggs using everyday items from your home:


Aluminum foil egg ring

Amazingly, you can make fried egg cooking rings out of simple aluminium foil. First, take a long piece of aluminium foil and fold it several times until you have a long, thick strip. Next, bend this strip round into a circular shape and roll the loose ends together. You can now use this ring in the same way that you would use a metal egg ring.

Tuna can egg ring

Alternatively, a tuna can may be used to make the perfect fired egg utensil. Simply use a can opener to remove both ends of the can. Also, remove the paper sleeve from the can. Make sure the can is completely clean, or you'll end up with tuna-flavoured eggs! This can then be used in the same way as a metal fried egg ring.

The Final Word

Hopefully, you now know everything you need to start cooking using ring molds for eggs. With the best egg rings, the perfectly round fried eggs of your dreams are easy and fun to make. Happy frying!

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