The Ultimate Electric Skillet Guide

When it comes to cooking in your kitchen, there are so many different types of kitchen tools and appliances that we need in order to cook a delicious meal. So, with that being said, every kitchen could definitely use an electric skillet.


What Is An Electric Skillet

An electric skillet is just like using an ordinary skillet. However, instead of using it on the stove top, you simply plug it into the wall, and the skillet will heat up with the electricity. These skillets are incredibly popular, and they are one of the most common kitchen appliances that are used, and they are typically used on a daily basis in most households.


What Is It Used For

There are a variety of reasons to use one of these skillets, and so many different types of food that you can cook in it as well. They are able to keep a steady temperature throughout the entire cooking process, unlike stove top skillets, and this helps you to cook your food to perfection. There are so many different types of foods that you can cook in an electric skillet, such as pancakes, eggs, french toast, grilled cheese sandwiches, and even foods like doughnuts and fritters. There are so many possibilities that you have when you use an electric skillet.

Factors To Consider When Buying An Electric Skillet


If you are in the market for an electric skillet, there is a large option of them that you can choose from. if you are on a tight budget, then you will be able to find electric skillets that are as low as $20.00. However, if money is not a concern to you, then there are several of the higher rated and recommended electric skillets that you can choose from. These can run anywhere from $25.00 up to $100.00.

So, whenever you are searching for the perfect skillet for you, you will have plenty of price options to choose from that is going to fit your budget.

Size And Shape

One of the best parts of electric skillets, is that you are able to choose from all different sizes and shapes, and this lets you choose the skillet that is going to match better with the style and design of your kitchen.

You will be able to find electric skillets in different sizes that range from 10 inches up to 16 inches.

When you are looking for the shape of the skillet, it is important for you to factor in what type of food it is that you will be cooking, and then choose the skillet shape that is going to be able to hold this food properly as it cooks.

There are 3 basic shapes that you can choose from and they are oval, square, and rectangle. Making sure you have enough room for the specific shape that you choose is also important to keep in mind as you are searching.

Cleaning Method

The cleaning method is going to be up to you to decide as well. There are many electric skillets that are able to be washed in the dishwasher, and if you do not want to wash them by hand, then you will need to find one that is dishwasher safe.


Depending on the type of skillet that you choose, you might have to use a specific type of solution that is specifically made for certain types of electric skillets. The cleaning method is important to remember, and this is because you need to be sure that you don't mind it.

Temperature Controls

As you are searching for the best skillet to purchase for your home, the temperature controls are something that you need to consider before you settle on a decision.


There are so many different types of skillets that only have a high and low heating control on them, so you are only able to cook things on the high temperature or the low temperature. However, there are some electric skillets that also come equipped with a warm temperature option.

This allows you to cook the food and then switch to the warm control to keep the food warm. It is prudent to be sure that you understand the type of food you are going to be cooking, and what type of temperature it is that you will be needing to use.

If you are wanting to cook normal meals in the electric skillet, then a 400 degree skillet will be perfect for cooking these types of foods. However, if you are looking to deep fry, then a 450 degree skillet is the best option for you. You want to be sure that your food is going to be cooked properly and thoroughly. By the way, the perfect temperature for cooking pancakes is 350 degrees.

Cooking Style

The style of your cooking is just as important as any other aspect of an electric skillet. It is important that you know exactly what types of food you are going to be cooking, and this will help you to make sure that the electric skillet comes with the proper accessories or not.

The lid is incredibly important if you are cooking food that requires you to keep a constant eye on. If you are going to cook all types of soups, or meat, then you will want to be sure that you get a glass lid. This will allow you to keep a proper eye on the food as it is cooking. This helps you to keep a good watch over your food, without having to open up the lid in the middle of the cooking process.

Therefore, when you are in the market, make sure you take your cooking style into consideration before you make your initial decision.

Must Have Features:

Glass Lids

A glass lid is important to have with an electric skillet. It allows you to view the food without taking the lid off, and it helps to cook the food all the way through.


The lid helps to lock in the flavor of the food as it cooks, allows for you to view the food as it is cooking without removing the lid, and it helps to keep any of the grease and food from splattering out of the skillet.

So, make sure that you that you consider the lid, and find a skillet that has a lid that you are interested in using.

Drainage Spouts

If you are looking for an easy clean up, without too much of a mess, then drainage spouts are important to look for in an electric skillet. Drainage spouts allow you to pour out the grease that collects in the skillet while the food is cooking, and it keeps you protected from burning yourself from any of the hard splattering of grease.  

It also helps you to save your food because, as we are all aware, that when you are trying to dump out a skillet, the food will slide out of the pan if you are not careful. Drainage spouts are an incredibly beneficial feature for you to look for when you are searching for an electric skillet.

Locking Lid

An important feature to find in an electric skillet, is a locking lid feature. This means that the lid will lock onto the skillet if you are transporting it.

When you are carrying it to the dining room table, moving it around the kitchen, or even transporting it to someone's house, the locking lid will keep the food safe inside the skillet, without it spilling out during the moving process.

Non-Stick Coating

One of the best kind of features that an electric skillet comes with is the non-stick coating that you can find on the inside and on the outside of the skillet. If you have a non-stick coating on the inside of the pan, then you will be able to cook your meals, without the food sticking to the inside of it. This means that the clean up process is incredibly easy to accomplish. This is a feature that you want to be sure that you find, so it will make the cooking and the cleaning process easier for you.

High Sides

There are many different types of skillets, and some have short sides, while others have high sides. The skillets with the higher sides is beneficial for you when you are cooking. It allows for you to cook food, especially with grease, and the sides can protect from any food or grease from popping out of the pan and on your counter or even on you. This is an important feature to consider, especially when you r safety is involved in it.

Adjustable Steam Vent

There are so many times when we are cooking with a lid on our skillet, and the moisture builds up inside of the lid. When this happens, the liquid will begin to pour out of the sides of the lid and onto your counter top.

So, if this is something that you are looking to avoid and improve, then an adjustable steam vent is a good feature to use. The vent allows for the steam to escape the electric skillet, and keep the moisture from building up inside of it.

Heat-Resistant Handles

Another safety feature that you will benefit from is the heat-resistant handles on an electric skillet. With this feature, you do not have to use any type of protective hand cover to keep your hands from enduring the heat, you'll be able to protect your hands from burning when you pick up the skillet, and they are incredible safe for you to use. This is an extremely important feature to consider, because when it comes to cooking, safety is the number one key ingredient.

Types Of Electric Skillets

Stainless Steel Electric Skillets

Stainless steel electric skillets are one of the most popular ones to choose. They are easy to cook on because the food does not stick to the surface of the pan, due to the stainless steel construction.

These electric skillets are able to cook the food more evenly, since the heat is transferred throughout the entire pan.


They are also very safe to use, and this is because they are not made out of material that easily flakes off of the skillet, therefore, putting you in harm of the food that you consume.

The clean up process is incredibly easy to do, and you don't have to worry about any type of hard scrubbing to the pan. If any of the food that you cook gets burned onto the pan, or stuck to the pan, then all you have to do is simply soak the pan in hot soapy water, and then it will wipe clean.

Stainless steel electric skillets are the most used electric skillets on the market, and they have so many different types of beneficial aspects, no wonder why they are highly recommended.

Ceramic Electric Skillets

The ceramic electric frying pans are a popular skillet as well, and this is because they are environmentally friendly.

They are also safe to use, and they have a non-stick surface to them that keeps the food from sticking to the pan.


This makes for an even and perfect cooking of your food, and the clean up is so easy since the food doesn't stick to the surface of the frying pan.

You can hand wash ceramic skillets, however, they are dishwasher friendly. This means that you can choose what is the easiest way for you to clean up after your meals.

You will be able to cook all types of meals that will satisfy you and your family, and bring you the best cooking experience that you could hope to accomplish.

Electric Frying Pan

Electric frying pans are the typical purchase for several individuals. They are the cheapest to purchase, and they are the easiest ones that you can find.

These electric frying pans are designed with aluminum in them, and this means that the pan will cook consistently, giving you the perfectly even cooked meals each and every time that you use it. They are also designed with non-stick materials to keep the food from sticking to the frying pan.

This means that the clean up is also incredibly easy, and is never a hassle to try and accomplish. Your meals will be a huge success in the electric frying pan, and there are so many satisfied customers who have and use these types of pans.

Best Electric Skillet Brands


The Presto band name of electric skillets are a very well-known kitchen appliance that you can purchase. They have been specifically designed for a large cooking capacity and developed with room in mind.

There is plenty of room to cook your favorite meals in the Presto brand type of skillets. They have been constructed with heavy cast aluminum, with high sides on them, and this makes this brand one of the most popular that you can find.

If a Presto electric skillet is something that you have in mind to purchase, you will not be disappointed with the results that you achieve when using it. It is one of the best electric skillet brands available.


The Cuisinart brand name of electric frying pans, is considered to be an incredibly versatile counter top cooking appliance. The pan can be removed, and it is dishwasher safe.

These skillets have a temperature control dial on the side that shows you the desired temperature that you want or need.

There are side handles for safe transport and it makes these skillets easy to hold, and they are also developed with a non-stick surface to keep any of the food from sticking to the pan. 

Tips On Using Your Electric Skillet

When it comes to using your electric skillet, there are several steps that you can take to help you properly use it the right way, and be successful with it.

Before you do anything it is important to be sure that you read any and all of the instructions manual that comes with your electric skillet. This will help to give you a better understanding on they type of skillet that you have purchased, and how you should use it properly and safely.

Safety is the first thing on the list when you are using any type of cooking appliance, and especially important with a kitchen appliance such as this. There are several tips that you can follow to help you use your skillet efficiently, and these steps include:

  • Make sure that all of the legs and handles are properly secured onto the skillet for your safety.
  • Don't touch the hot surface with your bare hands.
  • Never submerge the cord or temperature gauge into water.
  • ​Unplug it once you have finished using it.
  • Let it cool before you begin washing it.
  • ​Don't use it outdoors.
  • ​Do not move the skillet if there is hot grease or hot oil inside of it.
  • ​First plug in the temperature control to the skillet, and then plug it into the outlet.
  • Never operate the electric skillet with a damaged cord.


In conclusion, when it comes to electric skillets, there are so many different types on the market that you can choose from.

They have several different types of features and beneficial aspects that they come equipped with, and these will help you to determine which skillet is the right one for you to choose.

You will be able to cook so many different types of meals when you use an electric skillet, and it is important to be sure that you use your skillet properly while cooking these meals.

Safety is the number one step to take through your cooking process, so you can be sure that you are protected from any type of danger that can occur while using your electric skillet.

It is important to understand what you need to look for when you are going through the purchasing process, and be sure that you are going to purchase the electric skillet that is safe for you, is beneficial for you to use, and is going to help you accomplish all of your cooking that you are desiring to achieve.


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